Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Advice for School Direct trainees

This advice was first published in The Teacher magazine in September 2015

If I’m on School Direct, how do I get the best from my training?

In most cases, with the exception of those which offer QTS without a PGCE qualification, School Direct Schemes are linked to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

In the case of School Direct (salaried), HEIs will have a role in quality assurance. With the School Direct tuition based schemes, HEIs have a stronger involvement. They will provide a significant part of your training and, working with your school, will establish your teaching timetable.

As a School Direct tuition fee trainee, to benefit fully from your training you should have a named mentor and/or teacher whom you can contact about any aspect of your training and for subject specific support.

In addition, you will have a named HEI tutor who will teach aspects of the initial teacher education curriculum and assess you on school practice.

You are also entitled to proper study time, written resources, space and materials, in order to help with your written assignments and teaching. Adequate time should also be provided by those responsible for your training in order to discuss your progress and experiences.

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