Monday, 28 September 2015

Free Professional Development day for NQTs

Our FREE training day for Newly Qualified Teachers in East Sussex is back by popular request, again with the phenomenal Paul Howard,  and this year with a choice of 2 dates ! A packed day includes sessions on:

“Whose Behaviour is it Anyway ?”
Nationally renowned Behaviour Management trainer Paul Howard, will lead these two sessions, packed full of tips and advice to develop your behaviour management skills. Paul is well known in East Sussex, having delivered training to teachers and leadership groups throughout the County- and is considered the best !

“What a Head Wants”
What does your head teacher expect from newly qualified staff, and what support and guidance can you expect from him/her in return ? Maurice Waller, recently retired as a Headteacher, and now involved in initial teacher training, will give a Head’s perspective.

“Everything you wanted to know about your contract, but were afraid to ask…”
NUT Regional Officer Nick Childs will explain what your rights and responsibilities are under a teacher’s contract, and what you should do if you find yourself in trouble.

“Surviving your first OFSTED”

Your first school inspection- explaining the myths. Advice and tips on how newly qualified teachers can make a strong contribution, if their school is inspected.  The session will be led by Roger Fenwick, an experienced educational consultant.

“Learning with the NUT”
How you can access a range of CPD and training opportunities through your NUT membership- most of which (like this one) are FREE !

There are 2 dates to choose from, both at The View Hotel (owned by Unite the Union) in Eastbourne. To book your place, please..

Click HERE to book a place on TUESDAY 17th NOVEMBER  or

Click HERE to book a place on THURSDAY 26th NOVEMBER

Lunch will be provided, and the Union will also re-imburse your travel costs.  However, places are limited, so please arrange cover with your school, and book early !

Induction Checklist for NQTs

If the answer to any of the questions below is NO then, as a newly qualified NUT member, you should discuss the matter with your NUT representative in the first instance. Ask a colleague if you are unsure who your representative is. If there is no NUT representative in your workplace, in England you should contact NUT Adviceline (020 3006 6266 or

The Checklist:
  • Have you passed all of the QTS Skills Tests
  • Have you been assigned an induction tutor ?
  • Have you been encouraged to be involved in planning your induction programme?
  • Have you been provided with a schedule for all your induction activities, including observations, professional reviews of progress, targeted professional development activities and formal assessment meetings?
  • Do you receive copies of all written records relating to your assessment?
  • Have you been given the name of someone at the appropriate body with whom you can raise concerns about your induction?
  • Are you satisfied with the content and/or delivery of your induction programme?
  • Do you receive your entitlement to a reduced teaching load? The STPCD states you must not teach for more than 90 per cent of the time of other main pay range teachers (without responsibility points) in the school. Is this in addition to your 10 per cent PPA time?
  • Are you receiving your salary on time, in accordance with your instructions?
  • Have you seen your job description? Do you feel it is reasonable?
  • Are you teaching the age range and/or subjects for which you have been employed to teach?
  • If you are teaching any particularly difficult classes, have you been provided with additional support?
  • Are you on a permanent contract?
  • If you are working as a supply teacher in England, with a contract of a term or more, has your head teacher agreed in advance that the period of your employment will count towards induction?
  • Have you received full advice about the school, your contract of employment, timetable, induction support arrangements and all relevant school policies?
  • Do you feel confident that you know what is expected of you during your induction period?
  • Do you have easy access to a copy of the  Department for Education statutory guidance on induction?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Teacher's Tips: Surviving your NQT Year !

Tips from recent NQTs, first published in The Teacher, September 2015:

Shared areas
Everyone knows being an NQT is tough, so rest assured, most of your seniors will be very sympathetic about this. Take time to go through the shared areas on your school network – you will find most teachers upload a wealth of lesson plans and PowerPoints ready to go for the lessons you will be teaching. Don’t be afraid of asking for or sharing resources with others in the department. Using sites such as TES and Teachit can also save you hours so do join them. Above everything though, maintain a sense of perspective. Teaching is a skill and you will gain confidence and pace in time.

Pace yourself
Pace yourself and realise that you cannot do everything at once. Have short and medium term lists of things to do and an ‘In my dreams’ list should you ever find yourself with spare time!

Use teachers’ experience
If I were an NQT now I would most definitely observe as many experienced teachers as possible and squirrel away all their tips and tricks for my own use. Find someone who understands data and how it can help you show progress with your pupils and sit down with them as soon as you can. Ensure you understand the targets which relate to your setting and find out about whole school goals and subjects too.

Weekend plans
Plan something nice every weekend, a meal out or a good film. Leave Saturday and Sunday free from marking and ask questions all the time of teachers you immediately gel with and can trust. Don’t let uncertainty about anything at school eat away at you. Once you get into your stride teaching is a fabulous job!

Advice for School Direct trainees

If I’m on School Direct, how do I get the best from my training?

In most cases, with the exception of those which offer QTS without a PGCE qualification, School Direct Schemes are linked to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In the case of School Direct (salaried), HEIs will have a role in quality assurance. With the School Direct tuition based schemes, HEIs have a stronger involvement. They will provide a significant part of your training and, working with your school, will establish your teaching timetable. As a School Direct tuition fee trainee, to benefit fully from your training you should have a named mentor and/or teacher whom you can contact about any aspect of your training and for subject specific support.   In addition, you will have a named HEI tutor who will teach aspects of the initial teacher education curriculum and assess you on school practice. You are also entitled to proper study time, written resources, space and materials, in order to help with your written assignments and teaching. Adequate time should also be provided by those responsible for your training in order to discuss your progress and experiences.